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How to Grocery Shop with Less Waste

How to Avoid Plastic While Grocery Shopping

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Everything in grocery stores seems to be packed in plastic...

Hi, Graydon here.

I'm the founder of ReduceWasteNow, an eco-conscious platform that provides sustainable alternatives to everyday products, and easy actionable ways anyone can help the environment.

There's one common question that I get asked over and over again...

"How do you avoid plastic when grocery shopping?"

It might seem like an impossible task, but I shed some light on some things to look for and tricks you can use to reduce waste when grocery shopping!

I know how frustrating it can be when all food in grocery stores seems to be packaged in single use plastic.

That's why I made this cheatsheet for you, so you alleviate some stress and reduce waste when grocery shopping!

Inspire Your Friends & Family to Reduce Waste

One of the hidden benefits of trying to be more environmentally friendly, is that you inspire those around you with your actions!

If you consistently take steps - no matter how large or small - to care for the environment, and take pride in the steps you've taken, your friends & family will notice.

Once they see you doing your part in helping the environment, it could spark a conversation or lead to your friends and family being more conscious of the waste they produce!

You May Recognize Us From...

Want to Reduce The Amount of Plastic You Purchase When Grocery Shopping?

Download this FREE cheatsheet to get you started! It's not as difficult as you might imagine, but there are some tricks to shopping with less waste.


What Others Are Saying About ReduceWasteNow...

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"As I've said before. If we all make 1 change - one simple change - it truly could change the world. ReduceWasteNow has so many easy ways that you can make a BIG difference"

- Peggy

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"I've learned so much. Can't even choose! Keep it up. It's always a good reminder to do better"

- Sarah

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