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17 Eco Friendly Activities for The Best Summer Ever

17 Eco Friendly Activities for The Best Summer Ever

It's finally summer! So it's time to enjoy all of the amazing eco friendly activities, right? There's only one problem... you can't think of anything to do with your friends that doesn't affect the environment.

That's why I created this awesome list! So you, your friends and family can all go play in the sun while supporting the environment with these zero waste activities.

List of 17 eco friendly activities

All of these eco friendly things to do are meant to be done with your friends. Call, text or email them to get ready for an action packed and sustainable summer!

1. Go for a hike and plant a tree at the top

Pack a backpack and fill it with reusable containers full of snacks, reusable drink bottles, your tree, and get going!

eco friendly activities

2. Enjoy the outdoors with zero waste camping

This is a classic eco friendly idea for the summer, it’s so nice to get outdoors and enjoy nature! Have the feeling you're forgetting something? Check out this list of sustainable products to jog your memory for camping inventory.

Join Us On Our Mission to Reduce Waste!

3. Explore your community on bikes

Sometimes it can be a ton of fun to be a tourist in the place you grew up. So bike over to your friends' house and get them like when you were kids!

*Bonus: bring bee friendly flower seeds in your pocket and spread them around town.

4. Have a picnic in the park

What better way to relax than being with friends, sitting on the soft grass, the sun on your back, and having lunch? Be sure to pack food in reusable containers, wrap sandwiches in reusable wax wraps, and use reusable ceramic plates for food!

Swap cling wrap out for these reusable vegan wax food wraps! They’ll keep your food fresh, and can be composted at the end of their life (about 1 year).

5. Stay up late stargazing

Sometimes the best times with friends are those spent in silence and purely enjoying each others' company. Stay up late, grab a blanket to spread out in an open area, and count the stars!

eco friendly ideas

6. Host a zero waste pizza making challenge

Here are the rules:

  1. All ingredients must come in biodegradable packaging or no packaging

And that's it!

7. Spend your day at the lake

Having a lazy lake day is one of my favourite eco friendly ideas for the summer. Get some drinks, food, and friends together and you're ready to go. Just make sure you bring a reusable water bottle to avoid disposable water bottles! 

8. Plant bee friendly flowers all over town

Take a day to save the bees with some friends! A few flowers that bees love are; Bee Balm, Honeysuckle, Sunflower, and Cosmos. Check out a local florist and ask if they have bee friendly flowers in stock, and make sure you only plant flowers native to where you live!

eco friendly activity planting flowers

9. Paddle board at the beach

Paddle boarding is one of my favourite eco friendly things to do, it’s a great way to travel the waters while being conscious of the environment. Enjoy coasting along the water with a few friends for a day, it will be worth it!

10. Go plogging in the mornings: The most eco friendly workout!

Get in shape this summer while helping stop plastic pollution! If you don't know what plogging is, it's a zero waste activity where you go for a jog as you normally would, but your bring a bag with you and collect as much litter as you can.

Try to get a couple of friends together on the weekend and go plogging, then grab some brunch after! You could even make this into a weekly challenge. Every week, the person who collects the most litter eats brunch for free, and everyone else pays for it!

eco friendly things to do

11. Have a classic movie night zero waste snacks

Invite everyone over for a classic movie night. Snack on buckets of popcorn dressed in olive oil and salt, and nutritional yeast, then enjoy!

12. Start an indoor herb garden

A lot of the time herbs come in plastic packaging in the grocery store. So why not make your very own indoor herb garden?

13. Host a board game night

Remember those games before angry birds that you didn't need a phone to play? Get some friends over and get competitive, it's game time!

14. Super Eco Friendly Idea alert: Start a community beach cleanup!

Community beach cleanups can be a ton of fun. You're out in the fresh air with friends, and doing a great thing for the environment. Out of all of these eco friendly activities, this is the most gratifying!

15. Play frisbee golf (One of my favourite eco friendly activities)

If you haven't played frisbee golf (a.k.a disc golf) already, you need to get on it! The discs are reusable, and a lot of the courses are outdoors. You and your friends will have a blast!

16. Plan a plastic pollution scavenger hunt

Get all of your friends together, set up the list of plastic litter that you need to find, and figure out a prize for the winner! Planning an eco friendly scavenger hunt is as easy as that!

17. Try DIY up-cycling projects

Have some friends over and make sustainable toothpaste, or maybe a recycling organizer, get creative! Go here for a list of eco friendly DIY up-cycling projects.

Conclusion of Eco Friendly Things to Do

If you got any ideas from this list of eco activities or learned something new, please share it with your friends and family so they can read this too!

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