Top 5 Reusable Q Tips To Try: Reviewed (2023)

Have you ever thought about what happens to a single-use cotton swab or q-tip after you use it? Most likely, it ends up in the trash. Shockingly, Sharp Market reports show that 1.5 billion cotton swabs are produced daily, and on average, each person throws away about 415 cotton swabs per year. Can you imagine how much waste that creates each year?

This waste not only affects our environment, but it also harms marine life. Single-use cotton swabs have been found in the digestive tract of turtles and seabirds, leading to internal damage and endangering their lives. It’s a horrible sight to see the photo of a tiny seahorse holding onto a q-tip stick under the ocean. This is why we need to consider using reusable q tips, as they can help reduce our waste and protect the planet and its creatures.

Luckily, there are plenty of great reusable q tips on the market today that can help you reduce waste while still getting the job done. In this guide, I’ll explore the best reusable q tips available and help you find the perfect option for your needs.

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What are reusable q tips?

Reusable q tips are like regular cotton swabs, but they can be used multiple times instead of just once. This means they help to reduce waste. They can be made from different materials like silicone or bamboo, and can be cleaned after use to keep them hygienic. They are used for similar things as regular cotton swabs, like personal hygiene and makeup application.

Eco Friendly Q-Tips: 5 Reusable Ear Picks to Consider

I recently started looking into reusable q tips and wanted to find the best option for my needs. After doing some research, I decided to look for q tips made of bamboo, as I try to prioritize sustainable materials. I also wanted q tips that were versatile, so I looked for ones with a pointed tip for precision cleaning and a textured surface for better grip.

Hygiene was also a concern for me, so I made sure to find q tips that were easy to clean and disinfect. Finally, I wanted to make sure the q tips I chose were durable and a good value over time. By considering all these factors, I was able to find the best reusable q tips for my personal needs and values. Below you will find my recommendations, without regard to order.

LastSwab Reusable Cotton Swabs 

I recently tried LastSwab, and I must say I’m impressed! It’s a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional cotton swabs that not only reduces waste but also simplifies your routine. The swab is made of non-toxic materials like TPE and PP, and is incredibly durable. It’s designed to replace up to 1000 single-use cotton swabs, and comes with a handy biodegradable carrying case made from corn-based materials.

 I love that there are two models available – one for general use and one for makeup application. They are both gentle on the skin and easy to clean, making them a sanitary and long-lasting choice. Overall, the LastSwab is a great way to do your part for the environment without sacrificing quality or convenience.

BOETECO Reusable q-tip Ear Swab and Makeup Swabs Kit

After trying out BOETECO reusable swabs, they have become one of my favorites! These swabs are made of strong BPA-free plastic and come with double-ended nodule tips that make cleaning mascara and eyeliner a breeze. What’s more, the swabs are durable and long-lasting thanks to the strongest Medical Grade Adhesive, which keeps the tips from dislodging inside the ears.

The set includes 4 swabs, 2 cleaning brushes, and 2 reusable swab cases, making it easy to use and travel with. And while the swabs are ideal for ear cleaning, they can also be used on pets, babies, and the elderly. The swabs are easily cleaned using mild soap, makeup remover, sanitizer, hot tap water, or the included brush. 

Best of all, BOETECO offers a 3-year warranty and their packaging is made of recycled paper, making this a sustainable and waste-free choice. I highly recommend these swabs for anyone who wants a reliable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional cotton swabs.

Uramoto Reusable Silicone Cotton Swabs

I was hesitant to try them at first, but I’m glad I gave Uramoto Swabs a chance. They have upgraded their design, so there’s no more U-turn problem, which gave me confidence in using them. I was surprised to find out that these swabs are so versatile that I can use them not only to clean my ears but also to fix my makeup mistakes and clean my pets’ ears. 

Unlike disposable swabs, these swabs don’t leave any fibers, which is a relief. I even used them to clean up glue while doing some crafts and they worked perfectly. These swabs are made of premium medical silicone, so I know that they are 100% safe to use. They come in a convenient case that makes them easy to carry around with me wherever I go. I’m happy to have found these high-quality swabs, and they have definitely upgraded my routine.

Strogem Reusable Cotton Swabs

The materials used to make these swabs are 100% safe and non-toxic, and the tip is made of medical silicone, which is super soft and flexible, equivalent to baby pacifier material. I was pleased to find that the swabs are heat-resistant and high-temperature resistant, so you don’t have to worry about them hurting your skin.

I found the swabs to be versatile, as they come with six types of cotton buds, including double spiral tips for cleaning ears and pointed and round tips for makeup application. The integrally molded stand keeps the box stable, making it easy to use as a daily cleaning tool. I also like that the swab heads are removable and washable, making them easy to clean and replace. Overall, I’m really satisfied with these reusable cotton swabs and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an eco-friendly and versatile cleaning solution. 

Pampoo 4PCS Plastic Free Reusable Q tips

I just loved these bamboo silicone cotton swabs that are not only eco-friendly, but also versatile and portable. The bamboo material feels sturdy and high-quality, and the silicone tips are safe and gentle to use. I appreciate that they come with a handy bamboo case that makes them easy to bring on-the-go. 

You can use them for a variety of purposes, from daily makeup routine to cleaning your pet’s ears. Plus, I love that they come in a packaging that’s completely plastic-free. It’s a great feeling to know that I’m making a positive impact on the environment by using these bamboo cotton swabs.


In conclusion, reusable Q-tips are available in a variety of high-quality brands today. Each brand reviewed in this article offers unique features and benefits, including eco-friendliness, durability, and ease of use. My recommendations can serve as a start, but ultimately, the best brand depends on your needs and preferences.