People who live zero waste do this to store food without plastic!

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"As I've said before. If we all make 1 change - one simple change - it truly could change the world. ReduceWasteNow has so many easy ways that you can make a BIG difference"


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Graydon Lawson

Founder of ReduceWasteNow

Avoiding plastic is really hard... without the right tools

Plastic seems to be everywhere, and it can be REALLY overwhelming. It took me AN ENTIRE YEAR to figure out how to store food without plastic...

That's why I made this cheatsheet for you, so you don't have to spend a year figuring out how to store food plastic-free.

In this cheatsheet, you'll get 3 secrets that people who live zero waste use to store their food without plastic!

Did you know?

  • Up to 12.7 million tonnes of plastic enters the oceans every year.
  • The equivalent of a truckload of plastic enters the oceans every minute.

(Source: Greenpeace)

What if storing food without plastic is actually this easy?

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