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Top Rated Zero Waste Piping Bag (Cleaning Guide Included)

Top Rated Zero Waste Piping Bag (Cleaning Guide Included)

I walked into my kitchen, and my brother and his girlfriend were baking up a storm. They were making these perfectly fluffy chocolate cupcakes. When it came to the icing, a thought popped into my head. I didn't have a zero waste piping bag. Then I realized, I haven't even heard of a zero waste piping bag! I immediately began researching and found the perfect type of piping bag that's 100% sustainable.

What's the best type of zero waste piping bag? The best zero waste piping bag for thin recipes is a silicone piping bag with a stainless steel tip. The silicone is heat resistant, easy to grip, and will last you a long time. For thicker recipes, the best zero waste piping bag is a canvas piping bag.

Now that we know the best type of zero waste piping bag, let's look into the pros and cons of other reusable piping bags. Maybe you'll like the sound of another reusable piping bag besides the silicone and canvas bag I mentioned!

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Are zero waste reusable piping bags good?

Like many things, each type of reusable piping bag has it's pros and cons. I thought the best way to show you the pros and cons of each type of reusable piping bag would in a table. Below you'll find a table that lists four different types of reusable piping bags, and what good and bad things you can expect from them.

Reusable Piping Bag Pros Cons
Canvas Piping Bag - Canvas is biodegradable
- Tough, good for recipes with a thick icing
- Canvas is heat resistant
- Tough to clean
- Can be difficult to grip
- Fats & oils can leak through
Silicone Piping Bag - Easy to grip
- Dishwasher safe
- Heat resistant
- Thick recipes can cause tip to pop off
- Recipe may not be come out evenly (if thick)
- Can be difficult to squeeze
Nylon Piping Bags - Microwave safe
- Good for thick recipes
- Durable
- Fats & oils can leak through
- Can get slippery
- Can be expensive
Plastic Coated Canvas Piping Bag - Leak-proof
- Easier to clean than canvas
- Easy on the wallet
- Can get slippery
- Not great for hot foods
- Contains plastic

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How to clean a reusable piping bag

Unless you have a reusable silicone piping bag that's dishwasher safe, you'll most likely have to hand wash your reusable piping bag. That can seem like a chore at first, but for the most part it's not as hard as you'd think!

So how do you clean a reusable piping bag?

  1. Lay the reusable piping flat in your kitchen sink and quickly rinse off any debris with hot water
  2. Lather a dish brush or cloth with soap and wet slightly with hot water
  3. Scrub the exterior of the reusable piping bag until the entire exterior is completely covered with suds
  4. Rinse off soap with hot water
  5. Turn the reusable bag inside out, and repeat steps 1 - 4
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Can you reuse disposable piping bags?

If you already have disposable piping bags, I recommend using them up before investing in a reusable zero waste piping bag. To get the most use out of them as possible, you're probably wondering if you can reuse your disposable piping bags! I did some digging, and found if you can reuse piping bags.

So can you reuse disposable piping bags? If your piping bags are BPA-Free, you can reuse disposable piping bags. You're able to reuse BPA-free disposable piping bags until they start to get tiny holes in them.

So now we know you can reuse your (seemingly) disposable piping bags, but how are you supposed to wash them? I recommend following the instructions on how to clean reusable piping bags above, but instead of hot water - use warm water.


Now you know which zero waste piping bags are best, and can make an informed decision on which one to get. That means you can finally bake zero waste without disposable piping bags! Or if you do have disposable piping bags, now you know if you can reuse them or not. Happy baking!!

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