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Zero Waste Valentines Day: Quick Ideas For The Last Minute

Zero Waste Valentines Day: Quick Ideas For The Last Minute

Has Valentines Day snuck up on you? If you're scrambling to find last minute zero waste Valentines Day gifts and activities, I've got you covered.

If you don't have time to read this full post and need to get your significant other something ASAP, maybe this will help...

What do I get my significant other if I'm Zero Waste?

An experience!! It's nice to receive gifts and chocolates, but I've found that the best gift is to get the other person is an experience you can both share. That was cheesy, I know... but it's also true!

Some examples of this could be tickets to a play, a concert, a movie you both have been wanting to see, a wine tasting, a brewery tour, or a night in where you cook them dinner! Maybe get your significant other sustainable flowers or chocolate with a card so you can also bring them something physical.

Homemade zero waste Valentines gift ideas

Making a homemade gift can be daunting, and you might be worried if it will turn out okay or if the person you're gifting it to will even like it.

If those are your worries for making a homemade gift for valentines day, let me put your mind at ease!

The following homemade gift ideas all look amazing and if you click the links to the tutorials on how to make them, you'll be able to make a quality replica!

How does that sound?

Unfortunately I didn't hear you so I'll assume you said "Great, now show me those homemade gift ideas!"

  • Saving the best for first, Jillian Harris came out with an awesome blog post that directly helps people in your situation - a last minute Valentine's day. Although these work for last minute gifts, Jillian did such a great job that these 4 DIY gift ideas are even great for people who've been preparing for Valentine's day months in advance!

My favourite DIY project of these 4 is the 'Love' stitched pillow. Not only will Jillian's 'Love' stitched pillow idea be much appreciated by your significant other for years to come, but it can also be made zero waste and for a very low cost!

If you have some thread, stitching materials, and a pillow you can use, you're good to go! If you don't have a spare pillow, try getting a second-hand one (make sure you wash it).

Gift Ideas from Pinterest

  • There's 47 great ideas in here for a zero waste valentines. I know it says 48 DIY valentines gift ideas for boyfriends, but I looked through all of the gifts and they could be for anyone. Also I said There's only 47 good ideas for zero waste gifts because one of them includes filling a jar with Hershey's Kisses, and that isn't zero waste - unless you already have a Hershey Kisses at home. (Pins can't load on AMP, view photos here)
  • If you already have glue at home, this is an awesome idea for a homemade gift to your significant other. If you don't have glue, just use string! Put a hole through the two things you want to stick together, run a piece of string through it and knot it off! (Pins can't load on AMP, view photos here)
  • Okay, if this gift idea isn't a winner I don't know what is. It's meaningful, thought needs to be put into it, and it can be made zero waste in about 10 minutes. PERFECT for a last minute romantic Valentines gift. (Pins can't load on AMP, view photos here)

Easy, romantic and delicious zero waste Valentines dinner ideas

What better way to say "I love you" than with food?? I'll answer that - there's no better way.

Below I've embedded three different videos. One for vegan meals, one for vegetarian/vegan meals, and one for meals with meat in it.

  • I found this amazing video by Sweet Simple Vegan on YouTube where they make a vegan 3-course meal under an hour! It looks absolutely amazing, I haven't tried their recipes - but if you do make sure you let me know how you liked it!

  • In this video, Gen Anderson teaches you how to cook a vegan/vegetarian "beef" stroganoff. As I'm writing this my stomach is grumbling asking me to make this... it looks SO good!
  • Lastly I've found a video that accommodates people who are not vegan or vegetarian. This video is done by Tasty, and it's specifically meant for people who are looking for an easy valentine's dinner.


So that's it! Now you're armed with a ton of ideas to spoil that special someone. If you think you know a few people who might need to use some of the ideas listed in this post, share it on social media!

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