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Go Green: Green Products That Reduce Waste

Go Green: Green Products That Reduce Waste

Many people find themselves asking "What products will help me go green?"

Achieving an eco friendly lifestyle is difficult with the wrong tools. Fortunately, for most environmentally harmful products, there are green alternatives.

Today I will share with you my top 10 favourite cost-effective, eco friendly, and reusable products.

These go green products will last a lifetime

The best piece of advice for anyone who wants to go green is to look for products that will only have to be purchased once. Sadly, most people do not follow this rule of thumb. That is why a large portion of landfills are taken up by disposable products.

10 must-have products to go green

In the list of products I mention, my goal is to only list green products the average person would not know about. This eco friendly list will not include common products such as: reusable grocery bags, reusable drink bottles or bamboo toothbrushes. Instead, this blog post will be sharing 10 lesser known eco friendly products that will help anyone go green.

1. Reusable parchment paper

Take a step towards an environmentally friendly lifestyle in the kitchen with reusable parchment paper. The biggest thing that will be reduced when using reusable parchment paper is not waste, it's money. At a cost effective price of $10.00 and under, the value of reusable parchment paper greatly out ways normal parchment paper.

2. Reusable wax food wrap

Millions of people use plastic bags and cling wrap to keep their sandwich fresh when bringing it to work. The amount of unnecessary waste this results in is terrible for the environment. With reusable wax food wraps, sandwiches and other foods can be kept fresh for work. After work, they can be taken back home and washed, and be ready to be used for the next day. This solves the problem of unnecessary waste from plastic packaging.

So what reusable wax food wrap should you get? To help the bee populations recover, I recommend getting 'vegan' wax food wraps! If you like carbon neutral shipping, and products that come in plastic-free packaging, you'll love our vegan wax food wraps!

3. Compostable garbage bags

Compostable garbage bags make a lot of sense when you think about it. When throwing out garbage that is bad for the environment, why contain the garbage with something else that is bad for the environment? Swap out plastic garbage bags for compostable bags. When using compostable garbage bags, there is one less thing in the landfill that harms the earth. Although these will have to be bought more than once, I thought compostable garbage bags were worth mentioning in this list.

4. Glass food containers

In my experience, many people use reusable containers to store food. This is really great, but most times the containers are plastic. The fact that the containers are reusable is fantastic. However, when the plastic containers break and can no longer be used, they do not full degrade for over 400 years. Glass containers however, do not contain BPA and are very easily recycled. When glass is recycled, it is turned into more glass without losing integrity. Glass can be recycled endlessly.

Join Us On Our Mission to Reduce Waste!

5. Eco friendly alternative to lithium batteries

Lithium batteries are not good for the environment. However, many electronics require lithium batteries to function. The best solution as of now is to reduce the environmental impact and go green with reusable batteries. Michael Merry from Sciencing stated that "The manufacture and transportation of batteries emits exhaust and other pollutants into the atmosphere, thereby contributing to the greenhouse effect [in the atmosphere]." Until there is an eco friendly solution, we can help reduce the waste of single-use batteries and use reusable batteries.

6. Zero energy waste outlets

As mentioned in my previous blog post "How to Help Climate Change in The New Year," if electronics are off but still plugged into an outlet, they still draw electricity. In fact, the NRDC stated that 25 percent of the average home's energy use is due to this. By using zero energy waste outlets, this problem is adverted. As a bonus this will also help reduce energy bills.

7. Reusable produce bags

Most markets or grocery stores offer plastic bags for produce. An easy way to avoid this is to use reusable produce bags. They are cost effective, easy to clean, and green! Did you know that reusable produce bags can be used for a lot more than just shopping for produce? Here's 10 different ways you can use a reusable produce bag!

The produce bags available in our shop come with a tare weight, so when cashiers weigh your produce they can subtract the weight of the produce bag. This saves you money, and helps the environment - now THAT's a win-win.

You can shop our reusable produce bags with a tare weight here.

8. Go Green With Wool dryer balls

Although not necessary when doing laundry, dryer sheets are a popular product to make laundry softer and smell good. However, dryer sheets are full of chemicals that are harmful to the environment and can cause irritation to skin. Wool dryer balls are the best eco friendly alternative. They last hundreds of loads, make laundry super soft, and save energy because it takes less time for clothes to dry.

9. Glass refillable soap dispenser

Glass refillable soap dispensers are better for the environment in ways similar to product number 5: glass food containers. Although plastic soap dispensers can be refilled, plastic is more difficult to recycle and takes 400+ years to decompose. Glass soap dispensers are easy to use, look nice, and most importantly very easy to recycle if it breaks.

10. An e-reader

Deforestation is a huge problem in many parts of the world. Why support this to read from paper? E-readers are an easy eco alternative to use. However, some people (with myself included,) prefer to read from physical books. A great way to do so while maintaining an eco lifestyle is to check books out from the library, swap books with friends and family, or purchase used books. This way no new books need to be produced, and reading from a physical book while being green is possible.


The important thing to note in this post is to only buy what you need. If you buy a go green product that you don't need, it causes unnecessary production of the product - so it contradicts its purpose and becomes, well, not eco-friendly.

If you learned something from this post please share it so others can learn something too!

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